Robert, are you just holding on to SQLCMD mode?

I’ve been struggling with SSMS losing intellisense, seemingly randomly, for months now. Blowing away the local settings cache and reinstalling would help for a bit, but it kept coming back, er, going away. I was losing my serenity. Special thanks to my friend Capt’ Quacks for figuring out that intellisense and SQLCMD mode don’t play … Continue reading Robert, are you just holding on to SQLCMD mode?

Time Dilation

When a developer says next week, they mean Friday. When Sales hears next week, they think Monday. Plan accordingly.

Radioactive Web Debugging

With apologies to Imagine Dragons (and everyone, really). I’m waking up to cache and JS I tail my log and I trace my REST I’m breathing in the CSS (unnecessarily long and deep breath)

Quality matters from the start

“When people didn’t think about quality until they were 6 weeks in, they didn’t know how to do it anymore…you get too far in and you never recover.” Nick Van Weerdenburg explains why quality matters on day 0 of your development project.

SQL is not a modular language

When will I ever learn? INSERT EXEC statement cannot be nested Until it is, here is a great overview on How to Share Data between Stored Procedures by Erland Sommarskog.

Rule 14 in the wild

“What if we just used NVARCHAR(4000) as the default datatype parameter for any query, regardless of what datatype the table has in it – like numbers or dates?” Brent Ozar with an interesting example on why (almost) everything could be nvarchar.

Never rewrite, always fix

There is, however, a clear line of heredity and succession which connects my 1986 computer to my bought-in-2018 one, the same way there’s a line of heredity and succession between the first Benz and the latest one…the so-called “x86 architecture” Here’s an entertaining essay on the dangers of a clean sheet re-write, aka Rule 20.


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