Where are the empty calories in your coding diet?

Brandon Smith’s post Write code. Not too much. Mostly functions. is small in size but high in quality, with no artificial fillers, just like a good program should be. Code, like food, has value…Just be aware of your project’s “appetite”: write what needs to be written, and then try not to over-indulge.

Cloud Skeptic #0

Split your codebase, split your teams, create a lot of opportunities for mediocre coders to grow into mediocre engineering managers, everybody was happy. Including your hardware vendor, because suddenly you needed much more hardware to run the same workloads… The feedback cycle is truly broken – testing a microservice is merely testing a cog in a … Continue reading Cloud Skeptic #0

UI Fails #0

I’m going to start chronicling UI fails that I find in the wild, and marvel/despair that people paid money for this. And… Best for last..

And the Rule 17 Lifetime Achievement Award goes to…COBOL

The sheer age of those COBOL systems is, oddly, actually something that works in their favor. Because they’re old, they have been relentlessly debugged. When a program is first written, it inevitably has problems…But those COBOL programs that run the world? They’ve had decades for coders and users to uncover all the problems, and to … Continue reading And the Rule 17 Lifetime Achievement Award goes to…COBOL

Robert, are you just holding on to SQLCMD mode?

I’ve been struggling with SSMS losing intellisense, seemingly randomly, for months now. Blowing away the local settings cache and reinstalling would help for a bit, but it kept coming back, er, going away. I was losing my serenity. Special thanks to my friend Capt’ Quacks for figuring out that intellisense and SQLCMD mode don’t play … Continue reading Robert, are you just holding on to SQLCMD mode?


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